Parent helpers are always welcome here at St Paul’s Catholic College:


Help is always needed in the Canteen on a fortnightly or monthly basis. The ordering and general running of our Canteen is done by Mrs Carolyn Stanton, the Canteen Supervisor, no responsibility for this falls on the parents who volunteer to help. However, without sufficient helpers, the Canteen cannot operate. Please help if you are at all able to do so. Grandparents and friends are also extremely welcome to join our large band of numbers who are already on the roster.


We also require help in the Library. As you can imagine, with so many students, shelving, covering, mending and numbering of books is a mammoth on-going task. Any help whether regular or from time to time would be much appreciated.

Exam Assistance

Help is needed with the Special Provisions students. This generally means reading and/or writing for a student.

Child Protection Requirements

As from 1 June, 2016 it became compulsory for all volunteers to complete and return a Working with Children Check Declaration Form including the 100 point check to St Paul’s Catholic College.

The Declaration Form must include a Working with Children Check Clearance number unless the following exemptions apply:

  • A Volunteer (other than a school cleaner) who provides administrative, clerical or maintenance services, or other ancillary services, if the work does not ordinarily involve contact with children for extended periods AND does not allow access to personal information relating to students or other children.
  • A volunteer who ‘works’ for a period of not more than a total of 5 working days in a calendar year, if the ‘work’ involves minimal direct contact with children or is supervised when children are present.
  • A volunteer who is under the age of 18 years.
  • A visiting speaker, adjudicator, performer, assessor or other similar visitor at a school or other place where child-related work is carried out if the work of the person at that place is for a one-off occasion and is carried out in the presence of one or more other adults.

How to obtain a Working with Children Check:

Please contact Mrs Maree Lawrie 4958 6711 if you have any queries.