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Enrolment Policy

St Paul's follows the guidelines provided by the Catholic Schools Office Policy Enrolment (Amended 2008). The Policy has been devised to accommodate, as far as is possible, the needs of families seeking a Catholic education. Copies of the Policy are available from the school, or from the Catholic Schools Office website. Parents concerned about school fees should ensure they make contact with the school. Diocesan provisions (including standard discounts for those with a Health Card) exist to help in this area, and the Principal can also exercise discretion where genuine need exists.

The enrolment period commences during Catholic Schools Week at the beginning of Term 2 and usually lasts for about six weeks. Enrolment forms can be obtained from the school or from the CSO.

Pastoral Care Policy

St Paul's has a Pastoral Care Policy, which incorporates the issue of Student Welfare. It is essential that procedural fairness prevails in all dealings with students. The principles of this policy are printed in the Student Diary. St Paul's is a community that follows Restorative Justice Principles.

The school has a Welfare Policy that is focused on the inherent value of each and every student in our community. The policy is shaped by our core principles of cooperation and respect. The fundamental purpose of such a policy is to ensure that all can co-exist with calmness, security and happiness. We seek to build and develop young lives of value, self-confidence and purpose. We firmly recognise that behaviours and attitudes contrary to the community standards are challenged and addressed.

The disciplinary procedures are in the Pastoral Care Policy. The various sanctions are clearly stated. As well, the different stages of discipline are listed, with examples of behaviour that relate to different stages. This policy is available to parents on request.

Complaints and Grievances

St Paul's has adopted the Draft Complaints Management Policy from the Catholic Schools Office. This Policy can be obtained from the CSO website or by contacting the School. A copy of the Policy is displayed in the Front Office and made freely available.

Parents have a number of other ways these can be addressed. The normal procedure is to go through the Class Teacher. If the matter concerns a Curriculum issue, then more serious concerns go to the relevant Studies Coordinator. If it is a behavioural or disciplinary matter parents are advised to contact the relevant Student Coordinator.

Special Provisions

The school has in place policies and procedures for special provisions examinations (NAPLAN, SC and HSC). This is administered by the Learning Support Unit at the school. This unit consists of a Learning Support Coordinator, Learning Support Teacher and Teacher Aides.