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Creative and Performing Arts and Languages

Studies Coordinator: Miss Sarah Adams (acting)

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts assist students in personal and social growth, developing imagination, discipline and creativity.
At St Paul’s we offer Music and Visual Arts from Year 7 through to Year 12 (with Elective Classes from Years 9-12). We also offer Drama and Visual Design in Years 9 – 12.
The Creative Arts Department is vibrant and very active within St Paul’s.  Alongside classroom activities and experiential learning, we offer students opportunities for public performances, excursions and incursions. Some of these activities include our Year 12 Musical Soiree, Music Night, The Archipaul (our annual Years 7 – 12 Art Exhibition), Drama Productions, Bell Shakespeare Workshops and Dance Group.
Our students also participate in Diosounds, Diocesan Choral Festival and the Diocesan Theatre Sports competition.
All students also have the opportunity to audition for the Diocesan Performing Arts initiative, the APSIRE Program.





The Language programs in French and German at St Paul’s are designed to provide opportunities for students to become more accepting of diversity, more respectful of others and more aware of their place in the international community.
Classes are focused on developing the 4 language communication skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. As well, students develop knowledge of the culture of French and German speaking communities and an understanding of the interdependence of language and culture.
At St Paul’s we offer LOTE in Year 7 and students may choose to study either German or French. We also offer German or French in Years 9 – 12.
Students develop their language skills in a dynamic environment where they are able to practise the language and deepen their knowledge by using a variety of resources: computer software programs, student magazines conversation practice with native speakers, films and songs.