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Careers and VET

Careers and Vocational Education (VET) Coordinator: Mr Craig McLoughin

As a way of introduction to new students and parents, my name is Mr Craig McLoughlin (Mr Mac) and I am the Careers and Vocational Education Coordinator for St Paul’s High School. Each week I will endeavour to keep you up to date with events planned inside and outside the school. I will be placing information on the  School's Portal, MNLive, in the Student News section.

Vocational Education and Training
Part of my role at St Paul’s High School is to coordinate and manage all VET courses. If a student takes one of the following: Construction, Hospitality, Business Services, Information Technology, or they attend a TAFE course (TVET), or have been successful in obtaining a School Based Traineeship (SBAT), all these courses are part of my responsibility. If a student or parent has a concern regarding any of these courses please phone or email me to discuss the problem.

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Work Placement
Work placement is a compulsory requirement of all Framework VET subjects. Failure to attend or complete work placement may result in an “N” indicator and can result in the Preliminary or HSC Certificate not being awarded. The students should already have their dates for placement and this year should see a significant reduction in conflict with school assessment periods. Work placement is organised by Career Links and there is little or no scope for change to these dates. This year all placements will be done on-line during class time if possible. Very early in Term 1, VET staff and I will be ensuring all students understand this process and the responsibilities that go along with this experience.

Work Experience
Students may wish to be engaged in work experience throughout the year. As a rule, work experience is organised by the students themselves and paper work accessed by the Careers Coordinator. Students are encouraged to consider work experience that does not clash with any assessment tasks.

TAFE Courses (TVET)
Each year, we have approximately 22 students attending TAFE to undertake alternative courses. They are attending Newcastle, Glendale, Hamilton and Wyong Campuses. Students are reminded of their responsibilities regarding signing out of school and being on time to class. Any missed afternoon classes are the responsibility of the student, not the class teacher.

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