Leadership Team

Mr Graeme Selmes

Mrs Cathy O’Gorman (Acting)

Mr James Furey

Mr Michael Doyle

Mrs Anne-Maree Shipman (Acting)

Mrs Belinda Flood

Mr Peter Martin

Mrs Anna Hennessy (Acting)

Mrs Maree Lawrie

Mrs Betty Harris



Assistant Principal – Teaching & Learning

Assistant Principal – Community & Wellbeing

Ministry Coordinator

Leader of Learning-Curriculum Administration

Staff Representative

Staff Representative

Administration Coordinator

Office Manager

Finance Manager

Student Coordinators

Mrs Trish Furey & Mr Sam Heagney

Mr Ross Wilson

Miss Kerrie-Lee Guest

Mrs Tracey Evans

Mrs Blair Brownlee

Mrs Cayte Pryor

Year Coordinator

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

Leaders of Pedagogy

Mr Craig McLoughlin

Miss Sarah Adams (Acting)

Mr Phil Ratcliffe

Mrs Belinda Flood

Mrs Anne-Marie Melocco

Mr Mark Newell

Mrs Kerri Beezley

Mr Nick Moroney

Mr Paul Burke

Mrs Nicole Deed & Miss Melissa Chapman

Mrs Michelle Lund (Acting)

Mr Mark Redman


Careers and VET

Creative Arts and Languages



Learning Support

Learning Technology




Religious Studies


Technical and Applied Studies

Student Services 

Mrs Anne-Maree Shipman

Mrs Rhonda Mitchell & Mrs Valerie Huens

Miss Sarah Lancaster

Miss Astro Stewart

Mr Graham Hancock & Mr Geoff Harborne

Mrs Carolyn Stanton



Sports Coordinator

School Counsellors

Pastoral Care Worker

Aboriginal Liaison Officer

Technology Support Officers

Canteen Supervisor