Stem in Engineering Studies

Year 12 Engineering students have been challenged to solve a number of problems associated with Aeronautics. Their initial problem was to make a "Stomp" rocket from cardboard that would fly as far as possible from the launcher - with James leading the way with his design. Bottle rockets were their next challenge, using 2L soft drink bottles, some cardboard and tape with Brock and Lachlan breaking a record with a 112 metre distance from the launcher - almost over the fence. The final challenge asked students to use some paper, straws, masking tape and a paper cup to make a Lunar Lander that could float from as high as possible and safely land with the astronauts still inside the "pod" (marshmallows make great astronauts!!!!!), with Jamie, Zac and James helping their astronauts survive from all heights tested. Students enjoyed the experience of being challenged (most of the time) and continued to work through to make some great solutions.



Science and Engineering Challenge

Earlier this term students from Year 9 and 10 nominated to attend the University of Newcastle for the Science and Engineering day. As part of the development of STEM based skills that would be important on the day, students attended a practice day, where one of their challenges was to build a tower out of marshmallows and toothpicks. On the actual day students participated in a number of activities in groups of 4, which tested their knowledge and understanding in coding, project based learning, problem solving, trialing and testing solutions to a variety issues, as well as collaboration skills. Students demonstrated great maturity, diligence, teamwork and problem solving during the day. Overall, our students came 4th place. Fantastic work on challenging yourself and taking on this opportunity to all the students involved. 



Year 12 Engineering Studies STEM Challenge

The year 12 Engineering class were challenged to make a lunar lander to keep 3 astronauts (marshmallows) safe as their lander floated down to the surface from various heights. The only resources the students had access to were: 4 sheets A4 paper, 1 m of string, a paper cup, 50 cm masking tape, I sheet A4 cardboard, 6 straws. Students achieved different levels of success, with 4 groups managing to land their craft from a 10 m high drop, onto a slightly uneven landing area.



Year 9 Design and Technology were challenged to design and create their own lamps made from recycled or reusable materials. 






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