Performing Arts

St Paul’s students have the opportunity to study Drama, Music and Dance (Stage 6) as part of the curriculum. In addition to these programs of study we offer the following opportunities to our students:

  • Splendour in the Arts is our annual showcase of music, dance and drama. The evening is a compilation of works from our Stage 4 – 6 classes along with additional performances drawn from our dance students, choirs, band and HSC student works. Hosted by our elective Drama students, the evening brings together designers, stage management students, performers and teachers. The evening is held annually in Term 3.
  • Diosounds is an initiative of the Catholic Schools of Maitland-Newcastle and showcases the incredible musical talents and skills of students ranging in age from 12 to 18 years. Each year, more than 350 High School students from all 11 Catholic High Schools in the region perform in the DioSounds music festival to more than 3000 people across two shows at the Civic Theatre. Individuals, small ensembles, choirs and concert bands from across the diocese, take to the stage with a wide variety of performance items from Contemporary Rock to serious Art Music. St Paul’s has been a part of this initiative since its inception and each year we are proud to prepare and showcase our students in this significant Diocesan event.
  • Year 11 Drama Production is an annual performance opportunity extended to our Year 11 Drama students. Integrated into the curriculum, the production is an example of Authentic Learning in action with students acting in and directing the performance, designing the promotional material, and designing all set & costumes. Past productions have included styles such as Absurdism, Realism, Commedia and Site-Specific Theatre. Productions such as A Midwinter Night’s Dream, Survivor:High School Edition, How Absurd and Seven have provided for students, families and friends a celebration of creativity and excellence.
  • Year 12 Soiree is a very unique and intimate evening held annually to showcase our HSC Music students. Conducted in the intimacy of our Music rooms, students join with family and friends to perform their HSC works prior to examinations in late September.
  • Evening Theatre Program. In conjunction with the Newcastle Civic Theatre our students have the opportunity to attend a number of productions offered as part of the Civic Theatre performance season. Through participation in this program students can socialise with others who are interested in theatre and have the opportunity to view, analyse and engage in discussion around a number of productions. The evening program offers an opportunity for growth and development socially and academically.

In addition to these opportunities for our students we also hold a number of excursions and co-curricular activities such as attendance at ATYP workshops, participation in the Diocesan Choral Festival, attendance at local and Sydney performances, Aspire workshops and guest presenters. Further to this, all students at St Paul’s have the opportunity to be a part of our Diocesan performing Arts Program, ASPIRE. More information can be found at:

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