The Learning Support Faculty is comprised of a Leader of Pedagogy, Learning Support Teacher/s, English as Additional Language/Dialect teacher, an Aboriginal Liaison Officer and a number of Learning Support Assistants. This team oversees the academic, physical and emotional needs of students identified as needing additional support.

Learning Support at St Paul's is inclusive and all students, including those with diagnosed disabilities, are supported in the mainstream classrooms. There is provision for withdrawal for students who require specific support with literacy. In addition, emotional support and social development strategies are provided to students on a needs basis, in conjunction with Student Coordinators.

The Learning Support Unit is open for student access during lunch. There is teacher supervision and support during that time to complete homework and assessment tasks in a safe and supportive environment.

Current programs running for withdrawal groups at the Learning Centre are: MacqLit, Corrective Reading and Reading Plus, we also are running a social skills group. A number of assistive technologies are utilised to support students with additional learning needs and disabilities to help access the curriculum eg: iPads, laptops.

The Learning Support Team work with the Leaders of Pedagogy to provide Disability Provisions for students during examinations. This is in the form of readers, writers, extra time to work, rest breaks and separate supervision. Applications are made through the Leader of Pedagogy – Learning Support, in discussion with parents and students.

Support is available for English as Additional Language/Dialect students from a specialist teacher. This can be in the form of in-class support and/or withdrawal. The focus is on written, spoken and aural language development.