Year 7

The beginning of Year 7 can be a nervous time for many students and their families. When students begin high school at St Paul’s, they take the first step on the pathway to greater independence and responsibility for their own academic and social growth. Students arrive on the first day full of questions and concerns about how they will navigate the much larger school size, reading their timetable, moving between classes and the expectations of homework and assignments, but it doesn’t take long before they have mastered all of these things and are wondering what they were worried about.

At St Paul’s new subjects such as Food Tech, Music, Textiles and Woodwork provide an exciting new element to learning. The practical aspect of these subjects provides new challenges and allow students to develop real life skills that will stay with them long after they have completed their schooling at St Paul’s.

Homework and study are very different experiences at high school. The key to succeeding at high school is being organised and prioritising work according to due dates and workload. If that sounds daunting, don’t worry. Organisational skills are taught at St Paul’s and there are many support services available to help students develop organisational skills.

Year 7 students have many opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities at St Paul’s. These include sporting events such as the annual Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, representative sports including Rugby League, Touch Football, Netball and Cross Country.  Students are also strongly encouraged to engage in the cultural events that are on offer at St Paul’s including Splendour in the Arts, Book Week, inter-school Public Speaking and Debating, Diosounds and Aspire. Community events such as the Opening School Mass, St Paul’s Day, Year 7 Community Days and a variety of charity and fund-raising days help to build a strong sense of community and belonging at for students at St Paul’s. Many of these activities are unique to high school and St Paul’s Catholic College and students are encouraged to be confident and courageous when sharing and demonstrating their own unique gifts and talents in the St Paul’s community.  

Year 7 is fun, busy and a great challenge!

Elly Walker

Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement