Year 10

The commencement of Year 10 has a certain air of familiarity and comfort for students. Students have formed strong bonds with their peers and teachers, and there will be some familiar faces moving through from tutor group teachers last year to CARE group teachers this year. They are accustomed to the routines of daily school life, assessment tasks and general activities. Older students have commented that Year 10 was, for them, the best year, as they are no longer junior students, but also have just a bit less pressure than is felt in senior years.

There is a strong academic focus in Year 10, with preparation and introduction to senior studies throughout the year, including information nights and senior subject selections. Students are also able to receive their RoSA (Record of School Achievement) at the completion of Year 10 or continuing onto senior studies to add to this accomplishment.

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of Year 10 is the Challenge Camp, which, for the last three years has been held at the beautiful Broken Bay Sport and Recreation Camp. Students spend three days forming new friendships and strengthening old ones and testing themselves on various physical and mental challenges, with a night program consolidating the attributes needed to assist students in the challenges they face on camp and in the future. Students and staff all agree it is a highlight.

Year 10 is also a year of transition for many students. Students often find themselves taking up the first of many ‘adult’ opportunities, such as driving, having a job and increased freedom. There are many experiences at school to complement these opportunities, including curriculum support covering risk taking and safe driving, Careers lessons and the development of individual resumes for students and the completion of the AMOW (All My Own Work) program; compulsory for those continuing on to Year 11. Other important experiences in Year 10 studies include the HSIE Vietnam Incursion, and subject excursions, such as the PASS Coaching excursion to a local primary school, the Drama Aspire Workshop, Commerce excursion to Sydney, Visual Arts excursion and many more.

There are also opportunities for leadership as Peer Support Leaders, helping Year 7 students transition into high school and adjust to their new surroundings. Part of the well-being program at school also includes the annual Brainstorm Production in Term 3.

In Year 10, students can also participate in some of the amazing extra-curricular activities available at St Paul’s Catholic College. These include the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Vietnam Immersion (every two years). Further information on each of these opportunities is available on the College website and students are encouraged to consider undertaking one or more of these educational and rewarding experiences.

Mr Joel Connell

Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement