Year 11

The commencement of Year 11 is a significant time for our students at St Paul’s Catholic College as they transition from our Junior to Senior members of our community. Our Senior students symbolically transfer into our Senior uniform and return at the beginning of the year with energy and enthusiasm towards their newly elected Preliminary HSC subjects.

Expectations of our new Seniors are also escalated, particularly towards their role as leaders and role models to our Juniors. There is a strong emphasis in Year 11 about transforming into leaders of our College, with many opportunities available to them to hone their leadership potential thorough positions such as Care Group Leaders, Student Representatives Council members, Vice House Leaders and Peer Mediators. Expectations surrounding their application and diligence towards their studies is also a point of difference. A Study Skills Day is held early in Term 1 to assist in developing these important skills to build the foundations for success.

Our Pastoral Program in Year 11 aims to address the challenges and stress which manifest as a result of these increased expectations and transition of our students into early adulthood. During our weekly program we address our work, sport and school balance including time management skills and setting up a positive home study environment. Throughout the year we continue to develop and encourage leadership through our pastoral program, and raise awareness of strategies to address anxiety and depression and tips for safe partying. Our Pastoral Program also encompasses a theme of “paying it forward” with our connection and work with Vinnies Sleep Out, St Paul's Day and our annual Christmas Appeal.

The Year 11 group attend the Bstreetsmart for Smarter, Safer Drivers program in Sydney. Bstreetsmart is the inspiring initiative of the Trauma Service at Westmead Hospital. Westmead’s Trauma Service is constantly reminded through their hands on work that young people aged between 15–30 are disproportionally represented in road trauma. As a result we have a strong commitment to Road Safety Education. The purpose of Bstreetsmart is to reduce the fatality and injury rates of young people by promoting safe behaviour as drivers, riders and passengers.

During Year 11, students have many extra curricular activities in which they can participate in. Year 11 have the opportunity to attend the annual Snow Trip to Thredbo which is held at the end of term 3, following their end of Preliminary Course examinations. Following the ski trip, Year 11 return refreshed in Term 4 to commence their HSC courses and fulfill their elected Leadership Positions at the College.

Joel Connell

Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement