Human Society & It’s Environment at St Paul’s Catholic College is staffed by a dynamic and progressive team of devoted professionals who maintain at the core of all they do, the development of the individual and the provision of those opportunities that will enable each student to be their very best.


Our faith is witnessed in our relationships with each other and the students to develop members of the community that value stewardship and promote the dignity of the human person.

The HSIE Faculty commits to broaden the perspectives of both staff and students through the development of skills and the provision of quality academic teaching and learning experiences.


The staff that mobilise HSIE at the College have a wealth of skill and experience, a variety of interests outside the classroom and all are engaged in extra-curricular activities as well as special responsibilities at the college. This enables the student body to connect with their teachers through avenues other than the classroom.


At St Paul’s we are proud to be able to offer the full range of HSIE courses on offer through the NESA mandated syllabus as well as school-developed/NESA endorsed opportunities.

Stage 4 –              History and Geography

Stage 5 –              History, Geography, Commerce, Elective History and Elective Geography

Stage 6 –              Geography, Modern History, Ancient History, Extension History, Legal Studies, Society & Culture, Business Studies and Economics


The HSIE team have a strong reputation and tradition in providing students with experiences outside of the classroom that support and enhance our programs. These include excursions, incursions, field experiences and the use of outsourced providers and professional associations. We also undertake the training and guidance of new teachers through practicums and internships; not only do our students benefit but the faculty stays connected to current and best practice and benefits from self-reflection as well as the vibrance a newly starting teacher can often bring to the college.

Innovation in classroom practice, the explicit goal of developing literacy and inquiry-based learning, acknowledging and providing for individual needs, being accessible and a passion for what we do underpins all that we do in HSIE at St Pauls’ Catholic College.