Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Faculty is a dynamic, collaborative and inclusive department that provides high quality learning opportunities for our students. We have developed a culture that recognises and celebrates creativity and that encourages participation in the Creative Arts. The Creative Arts enhances the cultural life of the St Paul's Community, attracting students to embrace and engage in performance and artistic pursuits. We continually seek new opportunities to extend and motivate our students to look beyond themselves and explore. We deliver academic programs of a high standard that combines critical thinking with a whole-person developmental approach

Our Vision includes the belief in :

  • Best practice comes from clear communication, accountability and curriculum based on proven pedagogies.
  • Strong academic programs that unlock and support the artistic potential of our students that foster critical thinking and encourages creative risk taking.
  • Active learning based on collectively seeking, selecting, and synthesising experiences, rather than individually locating and absorbing information from a single or teacher provided source.
  • Co-design by teachers and students of learning experiences personalised to individual needs and preferences. Rather than just being transmitters of knowledge, teachers are in a transactional relationship with their students.

The St Paul’s Creative Arts Faculty actively pursues our wish to inspire whole generations of creative thinkers by offering culturally enriching opportunities for our students including exhibitions, performances, and excursions. We are inclusive of all students as we prepare them for lifelong involvement in artistic and scholastic pursuits.


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